Emer really seems to understand the confusion and overwhelm I sometimes feel about social media.  Her emails are short and succinct and include very useful tips and links. She is particularly knowledgeable about LinkedIn and I appreciate her support.

Jenny Johnson, CDI London

I find Emer's regular Monday emails on social media, particularly advice about LinkedIn, to be really helpful and interesting. It's great to know there are people like Emer out there who are willing to help businesses promote themselves effectively.

D Craigie, Craigie Partnership

Attention: Small Business Owners Selling B2B

Want to generate leads online?

[Update March 2015: This website is for reference only. To see what I’m up to these days please visit www.emeroleary.com]Generating and nurturing leads is a crucial part of any business, but it’s one that is so often overlooked.

When you’re busy running your business and delivering your services, it’s hard to find time to learn about (not to mind implement) the best lead generation tools for your business.

But without leads, you won’t have any clients, and without clients, you won’t have a business.

If you’ve come to this website perhaps something has changed for you recently:

  • You may be thinking about entering a new niche
  • Maybe you recognise that the way you attract new clients is changing (and the old sources of clients are no longer working or have simply dried up?)
  • On some level you may realise it’s time to be louder and prouder about what you do and share your message with a wider audience

Whatever is going on for you, at some level you get the sense it’s time to seriously consider having a stronger online presence.

When it comes to social media and online marketing there is never a ‘right time’ (but there is a wrong time)

The wrong time is when you’re feeling panicky because you’ve just come to the end of a project or a contract, and you don’t have anything else lined up.

The wrong time is when you’ve already spent hours and hours (and likely many £££ or $$$ too) on developing an online product, and are now desperately trying to find people to buy it.

The wrong time is also when you’re just starting out in business and you’re not yet clear on your target market, your key message or what makes you different.

I’m here to take the pain away.

Through a selection of training, coaching and ‘done-for-you’ services, social media and online marketing (incorporating setting up sales funnels, email marketing, webinars and more) will never be a headache for you again.

The best way to get started?

Sign up for a copy of LinkedIn LeadGenerator and learn how to generate leads and win clients consistently using this amazing platform.

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Why LinkedIn?

I love LinkedIn for a number of reasons, not least because it is TWICE as effective as Twitter and Facebook for B2B lead generation. [Source: Hubspot]

That means that if you’re selling B2B and you’re not getting leads via LinkedIn, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

You owe it to your business to uncover the opportunities LinkedIn holds for you.

To your success,

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